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22 Sep

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28 Aug

I shake my head in disbelief as I listen to some of the candidates on the stump. Then I remember that they are telling the voters what the voters want to hear. That’s frightening to contemplate.

Little kids don’t need cellphones

24 Aug

The first 2 lines says it all.

The Problem With Phonics

13 Aug

“English is a simple, yet difficult language. It’s made up exclusively of foreign words which are pronounced wrong.” Kurt Tucholsky

A Parable Of Pants, Belts, and the Economy

13 Aug

My brother Dan, alone on the farm after chores one night, was leading a Clyde stallion from one barn to another when the fool horse decided to settle who was boss – an annual discussion with this horse. The horse reared and struck at Dan’s head, narrowly missing him.

As the horse reared, Dan grabbed the lead rope with both hands. He forgot he’d lost weight and wasn’t wearing a belt. When his arms went up, his pants dropped to his ankles. Dan and the horse fought back and forth over a few hundred feet in itty-bitty steps before the stallion settled down.

Dan won the fight before reaching for his pants. He’d be dead if he hadn’t. That night’s ‘discussion’ reminds me of other competing problems with differing solutions. Maybe that’s why I hear the ‘whoosh’ of a large hoof whizzing past my head whenever a politician offers to save my grandchildren’s future by balancing the budget with cuts in funding for education.A Parable of Pants, Belts and the Economy

Critters in the Straw-Bale Garden

13 Aug

Racoons are almost impossible to keep out of things, so this is great, if it works.

Vickie's Blog

Last week I was telling someone (bragging) about my straw-bale garden—how the bunnies and other pests wouldn’t climb up on the straw bales and bother the plants. My straw-bale plants had tomatoes starting to ripen and I was anticipating the bounty. My granddaughters were over for the weekend and wanted to pick them, but going for the perfect “vine-ripened” specimens, I told them to wait just one more day.

The next morning, the girls could hardly wait to pick the tomatoes. We ran out to the garden, only to find 3 ripe tomatoes laying on the ground beside the straw bales, each with a bite taken out of it. I was mad and determined to find a way to keep this varmint out of my garden.
3 Tomato Snack
Since the tomatoes were up on the straw-bales, and from CSI evidence, it seemed that the most likely culprits were raccoons. Internet searches about…

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Homo sapiens

8 Aug

I was stopped at a red light the other day watching a car slowly cross the intersection in front of me when a pickup truck flew past me and T-boned the car. Fortunately, no one was injured.

I suspect the pickup’s driver was headed to a job site (tools in the back looked like he was a carpenter), and he had something other than driving on his mind. The red light didn’t register with him. I’ve done things like that, and I suspect many reading this have done it, too. We were just lucky enough not to hit somebody.

Driving just isn’t complex enough to keep our minds occupied. Its sheer ease invites us to let our minds wander, to think about work, music, family, vacations, or sex. They are all more interesting than driving.

The accident also highlights an annoying trait of humans as a species: in spite of remarkable accomplishments in science, art, and philosophy, we still keep a virtual stranglehold on “stupid,” and we show no signs of letting go. That’s true of the pickup’s driver, of me, and probably of most of the people I know. It kind of defines being human.

If you don’t believe me, watch the news during this election season.