Critters in the Straw-Bale Garden

13 Aug

Racoons are almost impossible to keep out of things, so this is great, if it works.

Vickie's Blog

Last week I was telling someone (bragging) about my straw-bale garden—how the bunnies and other pests wouldn’t climb up on the straw bales and bother the plants. My straw-bale plants had tomatoes starting to ripen and I was anticipating the bounty. My granddaughters were over for the weekend and wanted to pick them, but going for the perfect “vine-ripened” specimens, I told them to wait just one more day.

The next morning, the girls could hardly wait to pick the tomatoes. We ran out to the garden, only to find 3 ripe tomatoes laying on the ground beside the straw bales, each with a bite taken out of it. I was mad and determined to find a way to keep this varmint out of my garden.
3 Tomato Snack
Since the tomatoes were up on the straw-bales, and from CSI evidence, it seemed that the most likely culprits were raccoons. Internet searches about…

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