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I have a blog?

25 Sep

I forgot I had this blog. I put it up when I thought my first book, “Doc’s Codicil,” would be published in March 2014. That was changed to October 2014 when my publisher realized it was a story that largely took place over the Christmas season. My publisher was purchased by another group this summer, and there is no chance it will be published before fall of 2015.

I’m 68. I hope I’ll still be alive when the book is finally published. I’m told that book signings go more smoothly¬† if the author is breathing.

On the other hand, I’ve considered putting up a chapter a month for people to read for free prior to publication. That would give potential buyers a chance to determine if the book is something they like before they buy it. I’d be interested in feed back on the idea, although my new publisher will have the last say about that. Let me know what you think.

Many thanks,